Street Art Projekt, 6A Klasse

On Wednesday, the 15th of May, we started working on our painting project about democracy, education, and everything we associated with it. Months before, the street artist Rob Perez came to our lessons and introduced his artworks to us because he would assist us with this painting workshop. The first step was to create sketches, which would be drawn on our bland walls. When we finished our sketches, we chose the colours for our walls, so we could finally get into action! As we started colouring our walls, suddenly an alarm went on and everyone was forced to leave the school. Later that day, it turned out to be a bombthread. Despite those circumstances, we continued our project the following day and were able to complete it on time. Not only was the project a cool experience, but it was also a great enrichment for our class and its social cohesion. 

Nalin, Jessica I. 6a